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www.anythinghorror.com "Suarez made a tight, fast-paced 25 minute zombie short that delivers in it’s story telling, characters, and zombie mayhem."

www.buyzombie.com "Considered the most anticipated zombie film of 2010"."This movie is an example of a great story"

www.neverfollowazombie.blogspot.com I don't think Marvin Suarez will be going away anytime soon. It takes a lot of balls in my opinion to stray away from normal zombie films. He took that leap and it worked! I will be in line for the next Chronicle. If you are a true zombie film lover, you will be too.

www.alexferrari.com “Nice Job!  Nice Editing!”

Alex Ferrari - Director of Broken

Zombie Chronicles:The Infected “Special Collectors Edition” 
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Zombie Chronicles 
The Infected

Special Collectors Edition

-Zombie Chronicles:The Infected
-The Making of The Infected
-Deleted Scenes
-Rehearsal footage
-The Video Storyboard
-Makeup Tests
-Footage from the cast and crew
-Short Film:Last Night of the Werewolf
-Sneak peek at
“Zombie Chronicles:Infected Survivors”
-Special Edition Case
-Over 3 Hours of Footage!!


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